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Transformation Lab Panel plus Education

Learn from an expert in advanced biomarker technology


Dr. Alan’s Lab Masterclass Program

This program includes:

Lab Masterclass Training

A groundbreaking new program created for Biohackers who want to:

  • Have a greater understanding of lab tests and results

  • Save $$$$ on future lab purchases

  • Take ownership in their own health journey


Our Most Comprehensive Transformation Lab Panel

This 60-test lab panel will give you a thorough look at your:






You will know what you’re doing right with your health and where you need to improve.


This is a limited-time offer to get:

  • An opportunity to dig into and optimize your own health at a fraction of the cost of regular lab tests.

  • Five (5) training modules specifically created to help you understand your own lab tests, master the 5 pillars of health, successfully incorporate labs into your health program and learn to understand the lab results and take action (without taking a 6-month course).

  • Access to group lab review webinar.

  • Access to the same downloadable lab cheat sheets Dr. Alan uses in his own practice that you can discuss with your provider based on natural treatment solutions to optimize your lab results.

  • Premium affiliate status which means more money in your pocket when you need future testing for yourself or others.

  • Custom affiliate landing page including your photo and bio.

This Breakthrough Program is ideal for Health Optimizers who want to know:

  • Natural treatment solutions for abnormal labs.

  • Learn normal vs optimal lab values.

  • Learn about advanced biomarkers that
    physician offices aren't typically testing.

  • Cheat Sheets to use when reviewing labs

  • Access Evidenced Based tools that help identify the needed lifestyle changes to improve their lab values and their health.

If you want to improve your own health AND get access to the education, mentorship, support and tools that will allow you to help you optimize your health, you’re going to want to jump in now before the offer closes.

The Lab and Learn Masterclass
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  • Personalized lab page
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  • Full Transformation Panel Lab Work ($1750 value)
  • Access to online educational modules for
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  • Cheat sheets for optimal lab values from
    a real anti-aging practice ($299 value)
  • Access to evidence-based tools that
    guide lifestyle changes
  • Premium affiliate status
  • On-demand access to group lab review webinar with Dr. Alan for participants

Order the Lab and Learn Masterclass Now!

Lab and Learn

"See One, Do One, Teach One"

with the Transformation Panel advanced biomarkers

Get our most comprehensive lab panel that includes 60 lab tests at a substantial discount for Lab Masterclass students. This panel will give you invaluable insight into your body, show you exactly where you need to improve and tell you what areas you’re doing really well with. The results will also alert you to any serious health concerns you need to discuss with your integrative physician before they cause bigger issues.


High fasting insulin is an under-diagnosed condition that can lead to weight gain and ultimately, diabetes. This panel also evaluates your liver, kidney, electrolytes and blood sugars and active thyroid hormone. All our important components of a healthy metabolic system.


TSH, free T3, free T4, thyroid peroxidase antibodies, Cortisol, Follicle Stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, estradiol, progesterone, total testosterone, free testosterone, bioavailable testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin.


Fasting insulin, fasting glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (liver and kidney function, electrolytes and protein stores), Complete Blood Count to include red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.


Fasting insulin, fasting glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (liver and kidney function, electrolytes and protein stores), Complete Blood Count to include red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.


The best test Quest offers for advanced cholesterol screening. It highly recommended at least once in a person’s life to screen for the genetic risk of Lipoprotein A and to assess sub-particles of both good and bad
cholesterol. If you have heart disease or stroke in your family, it is a must.


Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, High density lipoprotein (HDL), Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio, Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), LDL Particle Number, LDL Small and Medium, LDL Peak Size, LDL Pattern, Lipoprotein (a), HDL Large.


Nearly 80% of all autoimmune conditions occur in females, the higher your high sensitivity CRP, the higher your risk for developing autoimmune disease, cancer, and early heart disease. Homocysteine is also a risk factor for early heart disease and elevated levels also may be a risk for developing Alzheimer’s dementia.


hs-CRP (high sensitivity CRP), homocysteine, Total CK (creatinine kinase), uric acid.


Nutrition is one of the best conversations to have with your clients. Studies show that 90% are suboptimal in Omega 3’s and nearly 70% are deficient in Vitamin D. Others are low in the very important B vitamins – B12 and B9 (serum folate).


Serum ferritin, Omega 3 index, Omega 3 Ratio, RBC Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, serum folate (Vitamin B9).

Order Dr. Alan's Comprehensive
Lab and Learn Masterclass

You will get:
5 Training modules + Labs
+ access to lab Review webinar

This Bonus Offering for the next 5 day includes:

  • Transformation Lab Panel, including labs from each of Dr. Alan's 5 Pillars of Aging Well ($1750 value).

  • Access to online educational modules for the 5 pillars of Health ($1,499 value).

  • Cheat sheets for optimal lab values from a real anti-aging practice ($299 value).

  • Access to evidence-based tools that guide lifestyle changes.

  • Premium affiliate status – for you and your family's future orders.

  • On-demand access to group lab review webinar with Dr. Alan for participants.

Limited Time Offer!

Normally priced at over $3,000

Special offer
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Dr. Hopkins comprehensive approach to lab testing was a huge asset to my business as I strive to help health coaches learn the importance of empowering their clients in all facets of health.    As a health coach myself and an advocate for my own health I believe in the power of being in total control of my own decisions and that includes choosing when and what lab tests I need done.   I don’t think people should have to depend on a doctor to help them uncover mysteries or practice preventative health care and Your Lab Work allows me to feel totally in control.   It has allowed me provide much needed insight to in the areas of thyroid testing, inflammatory markers, advanced cholesterol testing, and insulin dynamics.  I am confident in addressing each of these areas with my coaches and clients.  Additionally, the opportunity to affiliate with Your Lab Work has been a great financial boost to my thriving practice.  If you want an edge on your health coaching practice, based on sound medical evidence, this is the course for you!

Carmen Hunter, Founder Institute for Functional Health Coaching

It was a great webinar on hormones!! Thanks a lot for this great opportunity to learn from you!
I can't wait for the replay so that I can listen to it again, pause it, refine my notes and digest all this valuable information. Can't wait to have access to the online platform!!

Solange Umo, Owner, TLC for My Body

Attended all the webinars today -- amazing content and I'm excited about the courses. Thank you for putting your faith in us coaches! I'm looking forward to the hormone course because the maze and connections can be so confusing -- but the metabolic and lipid panels are very new to me because I DO focus on thyroid and hormones more. I have to say, I wonder if maybe functional medicine, or maybe it's just me, has made cholesterol too 'lite" I know we NEED it for hormone production, I know we WANT HDL, but I haven't focused on this with clients and this is going to change after this week. LPa is going to be a huge topic of discussion with my family as well.

Jenn Banwart Krusinski, Healthy Coach

Limited Time Offer - 5 days only!

Order Dr. Alan's Comprehensive
Lab and Learn Masterclass

TRANSFORMATION PANEL + 5 Training modules + On-demand access to LAB Review webinar with Dr. Alan

Normally priced at over $3,000

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