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Nutrition is one of the best conversations to have with your clients. Studies show that 90% are suboptimal in Omega 3’s and nearly 70% are deficient in Vitamin D. Others are low in the very important B vitamins – B12 and B9 (serum folate). Get these important levels checked today.

Tests Included:

Omega 3:6 index • Vitamin D • Vitamin B12 • Serum ferritin

  • This panel analyzes key nutrient levels and the all important Omega 3:6 index.
    Nutrients Panel
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Nearly 80% of all autoimmune conditions occur in females, the higher your high sensitivity CRP, the higher your risk for developing autoimmune disease, cancer, and early heart disease. Homocysteine is also a risk factor for early heart disease and elevated levels also may be a risk for developing Alzheimer’s dementia. High levels of uric acid are often asymptomatic but can develop into painful inflammatory conditions if dietary intervention does not occur.

Tests Included:

hs-CRP • Homocysteine • Uric acid

  • Inflammation is now thought to be the root cause of many diseases. Elevated levels in the blood signal an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.
    Inflammation Panel
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The best test Quest offers for advanced cholesterol screening. It highly recommended at least once in a person’s life to screen for the genetic risk of Lipoprotein A and to assess sub-particles of both good and bad cholesterol. If you have heart disease or stroke in your family, it is a must.

Tests Included:

Advanced lipid panel

  • This collection of labs is known as an advanced lipid panel. This test will provide significant detail of the way your body transports and stores cholesterol particles.
    Cholesterol Panel
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Many people think they are overstressed and have high cortisol levels, in clinical practice, we often see very low cortisol levels – indicating adrenal burn out. Get your stress hormone checked along with advanced thyroid testing including thyroid peroxidase antibodies.

Tests Included:

AM cortisol • TSH • Free T3 • Free T4• TPA

  • An imbalance of hormones can cause loss of libido, memory problems, loss of skeletal muscle, accumulation of belly fat, fatigue, irritability and mood disturbance, sleeping problems, and low energy.
    Hormones Panel
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High fasting insulin is an under-diagnosed condition that can lead to weight gain and ultimately, diabetes. This panel also evaluates your liver, kidney, electrolytes and blood sugars and active thyroid hormone. All our important components of a healthy metabolic system.

Tests Included:

Fasting Insulin • CMP • Hemoglobin A1c • TSH • Free Ts

  • Large driver of weight gain is high fasting insulin, this panel also tests the thyroid and sugar levels.
    Metabolism Panel
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Transformation Panel

This comprehensive advanced biomarker panel will include unlimited access to all educational materials including lab masterclass, Dr. Alan’s lab cheat sheets, powerpoint downloads and health coach resources.

Tests Included:

hs-CRP (high-sensitivity CRP) • Homocysteine • Uric acid • Total CK (creatinine kinase) • Thyroid peroxidase antibodies • Estrogen, Progesterone • Total, Free & Bioavailable Testosterone • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin • Follicle Stimulating Hormone • Luteinizing Hormone • AM Cortisol • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone • Free T3, Free T4 • Complete Blood Count (CBC) • Serum Ferritin (Iron) • Fasting Insulin • Hemoglobin A1c • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) • Omega 3 Index • Magnesium • Vitamin D, B12 & B9 (Folic Acid) • Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, HDL & LDL Cholesterol/HDL Ratio • Non- HDL Cholesterol, Lipoprotein (a), Apolipoprotein B • LDL Particle Number, Peak Size, Pattern • HDL Large, LDL Small & Medium • Selenium • Zinc

  • This panel includes all the tests that we perform touching on the 5 pillars of health of inflammation, vascular integrity, insulin dynamics, hormone balance, and nutrient optimization.
    I Want It All Panel
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