Advanced Lipid Panel Plus*

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This isn’t just another lipid test. With biomarkers like hs-CRP, oxidized LDL, and Lp-PLA-2 Activity, gain a panoramic view of potential atherosclerosis development – a leading cause of heart diseases. Unearth silent signals, intervene early, and take charge of your heart’s future. It’s not just medically necessary; it’s a life-saving revolution in cardiovascular diagnostics!



The Advanced Lipid Panel Plus is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool, meticulously designed to offer a deep dive into your cardiovascular health. More than just a conventional lipid test, this comprehensive panel provides crucial insights into the underlying factors contributing to atherosclerosis – a leading cause of heart disease.

Key Inclusions:

  1. Advanced Lipid Panel Biomarkers: These go beyond the standard cholesterol readings to provide detailed insights into particle sizes, densities, and counts, offering a more intricate understanding of your lipid profile.
  2. hs-CRP (High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein): An inflammation marker, hs-CRP is imperative to gauge underlying inflammation which can play a pivotal role in cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Oxidized LDL: Elevated levels of oxidized LDL are linked with the formation of arterial plaque. By measuring this, one can ascertain the extent of LDL particles vulnerable to oxidation.
  4. Lp-PLA-2 Activity: A marker of vascular inflammation, Lp-PLA-2 activity provides crucial information on the ongoing processes within the arterial walls.

Why It Matters:
Atherosclerosis, the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries, doesn’t occur overnight. It’s a continuum, with various stages characterized by specific biomarkers. The Advanced Lipid Panel Plus allows for the measurement of these essential biomarkers, providing a panoramic view of where you might stand in the atherosclerotic process.


  • Holistic Understanding: Rather than a singular focus on cholesterol levels, understand the broader picture of heart health.
  • Early Detection: Uncover the silent signals of developing atherosclerosis, allowing for early intervention and management.
  • Informed Decision Making: With a more nuanced understanding of cardiovascular health, make informed lifestyle and therapeutic choices.

For those serious about cardiovascular health, The Advanced Lipid Panel Plus isn’t just a test—it’s a commitment to understanding and safeguarding the heart in its entirety. Remember, heart health is more than just numbers; it’s about understanding what those numbers signify in the grand tapestry of our well-being.

Step into the future of cardiovascular diagnostics. Invest in understanding, invest in longevity.