Complete 5 Pillars Anti-Aging Panel

Sale Price $1,749.00

In this panel you’ll get it all, and with significant savings too. Each panel, fits together well with the others, to give you the most thorough look into your body. Get to know your body from the inside out. This let’s you put your hands on the steering wheel, when it comes to fine tuning your health. You won’t have to chase the latest trend, rather you can use your blood work to determine your health practices. This includes all the labs that are offered in all Dr. Alan’s 5 pillars of aging at a significant discount.

We know this is an investment in your health, and we intend to make it a great value for you. This comprehensive lab panel will give you a look under the “hood”, so to speak. It’s shifting a paradigm in wellness. Labs in a traditional physician’s office are asking, “Am I sick?”, these are asking, “Am I as Healthy as I could be?” With each order, we will also include Dr. Alan Hopkins lab cheat sheets which will show you his “Optimal levels” in each of theses categories, we aren’t interested in normal, or “Ok”. We want to support you in living in your “Optimal State”. You can often (not always) skip the price tag of a cash pay office visit ($600/hour) and see for yourself where you might want to tailor your health habits.

These are your labs on your terms. The latest in wellness- science. We are accustom to Insurance telling us what we need, and this is an entirely new paradigm. Convenient, without the physician visit or expense. You can get a “Health Overview”.

Good news- you can use your Health Savings Account and purchase these at with pre-taxed dollars. We are offering a wide array of labs at a tremendous value. This includes all the tests that we perform touching on the 5 pillars of health:

inflammation, blood vessel health, metabolism, hormone balance, and nutrient optimization.


Biomarkers included:
hs-CRP (high-sensitivity CRP)
Uric acid
Total CK (creatinine kinase)
Thyroid peroxidase antibodies
Estrogen, Progesterone
Total, Free & Bioavailable Testosterone
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Luteinizing Hormone
AM Cortisol
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Free T3, Free T4
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Serum Ferritin (Iron)
Fasting Insulin
Hemoglobin A1c
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
Omega 3 Index
Vitamin D, B12 & B9 (Folic Acid)
Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, HDL & LDL
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
Non- HDL Cholesterol, Lipoprotein (a), Apolipoprotein B
LDL Particle Number, Peak Size, Pattern
HDL Large, LDL Small & Medium

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