Food Safe 95 Sensitivity IgG4 Plus Candida

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Food Safe 95 Sensitivity IgG4 Plus Candida text by Meridian Valley Lab measures 90+ foods plus Candida IgG4 antibodies using the ELISA method for the assessment of delayed food allergies.

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the most abundant antibody class representing approximately 75% of the total antibody pool present in the blood. There are 4 subclasses of the IgG antibody family named in order of their abundance in the blood (IgG1 being the most abundant). IgG4 is the least represented IgG subclass in blood, at less than 5% of total IgG under ‘normal’ physiologic conditions. However, under chronic allergen exposure, IgG4 levels increase dramatically creating a strong IgG4 response. IgG4 has a very high affinity or attraction to allergens, unlike the other subclasses. This makes IgG4, rather than total IgG, ideal for assessing chronic food sensitivities.

Sometimes it is not food sensitivities but it’s the infection, Candida. Candida is normally found in very small amounts in the human intestinal tract; small amounts do not cause problems in a healthy person. Too much Candida can result in symptoms very similar to those caused by food allergies. Moderate or High on the Candida screen means that your body has produced high numbers of antibodies to Candida at some time and should be treated to maintain optimal gut health.